Maple Glazed Ham with Raisin Sauce

Today is Day 15 of  "30 Days of Recipes"

15 more Recipes to go:)

Scoring Ham~

Add an old-fashioned, decorative touch to baked ham by scoring the top and studding it

with cloves. The scoring allows the glaze to penetrate the meat.

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Skinny Baked Chicken Fajitas Recipe

One of my extremely most loved recipes from when I initially began the online journal has been Oven Baked Fajitas. Soooo great, so natural, so sound. Just drawback… ? Dreadful pictures. Regardless I have far to go, yet when I take a gander at my initial posts I absolutely wince! At the point when requesting that I think of some special Cinco De Mayo recipes, I knew I needed to patch up my most loved recipe and take new pictures. I could eat these consistently! 

Cinco De Mayo has dependably been one of my extremely most loved occasions. The food, the fun, the margaritas! Its such an extraordinary time to get together with companions and commend the hotter climate and start of summer. 

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How to buy convection oven

Convection ovens are relatively new in the residential oven market. For years, they have been used in commercial bakeries and pizzerias. The reason these bakeries used them is because the added airflow browned their breads faster and more evenly. Pizzerias used them to cook the top and the bottom of the pizzas at the same time and much quicker than normal (hence the 30 minutes or less!). Since these ovens were so effective, the same theory of convection ovens was brought into the home. 

1. Know your needs

Do you bake a lot? Do you need double wall ovens, dual range ovens, or a single oven? These are important questions to have in your back pocket before shopping for a stove and oven, as they will enable you to narrow the selection significantly.

2. Types of Convection Ovens

Conventional ovens come in two types: range and deck. A range oven, also known as the general-purpose oven, is a part of a cooking system. It usually has a stove on top and an oven at the bottom and may use an electric or gas heat source. Deck ovens save space. They can be freestanding or built-in and may also use an electric or gas heat source. Convection ovens may come in range or deck options along with portable orcountertop convection ovens that are available for those with a conventional oven who would like to use a convection oven to cook small amounts of food.

3. Consider variety 

Numerous makers offer various stovetop and broiler mixes to fit your particular, down to earth needs. For instance, you may be keen on new ranges that incorporate two littler broilers. On the other hand, you may need to consider double fuel ranges, which give you both the advantages of a gas stove and the temperature accuracy of an electric broiler.


4. What Oven to Buy for Your Space, Things to Consider 

What utility do you need it to run on? Keep in mind that even if you choose a gas model, you'll still need an electrical connection to run the fan. When considering a gas versus an electric model, keep in mind that gas models generally require 1" or more of clearance around all sides of the pans for proper airflow in the cooking chamber. This is because of the placement of the heating elements.

Do you have the required hood and fire suppression system needed? It's always a good idea to check your local codes and also carefully review the installation requirements of the models you are interested in purchasing.

Compare the different types of convection ovens to determine which kind you need for your restaurant and menu items.

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